At Designs by Mario Maffei we give our customers complete design services fo an entire project from start to its completion.. We are a team of design professionals specializing not only in kitchen and bedroom design but any other aspects of home transformations.

We possess 30 years of expertise in design, manufacturing and instaling custom-made furniture ranging from traditional to contemporary designs.  We strive to deliver succesful solutions to any design problems with excellent customer service and complete satisfaction.

Our Purpose 


Since its establishment, in 1982 Designs by Mario Maffei has been committed to our customers with great care.


Our continued success countersigns our ability to supply and manufacture quality products with excellent customer service.


Our Mission


We strive to satisfy every expectation of our clients needs with our cost-effective, high quality and reliable products.



We endeavour to deliver designs in a range of sizes and differing styles, which can be adapted to suit any area of your house or your  individual requirements.



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